At AusGlobe, we know importing into Australia can be daunting without the right help. Our dedicated Melbourne customs clearance brokers and agents will take care of your freight every step of the way, providing streamlined customs clearance services at minimal costs. At AusGlobe, we have an extensive knowledge of Australian import rules and regulations, meaning we can provide expert advice on all customs and Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service-related matters to simplify the import process.

Additionally, we take the guesswork out of customs clearance with 24/7 shipment monitoring and provision of customs clearance at take-off and set down, making Melbourne customs clearance simple and easy.

Whether your consignment is small, medium, large, cargo restricted to personal effects or just a single item, our experts can help you take the hassle out of importing goods into Melbourne.

Our Melbourne customs clearance services also include:

  • Classification and Valuation advice
  • Tariff Concession Applications
  • Tariff Advice Applications
  • Advice regarding Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s) (see our previous blog)
  • Duty Refunds and Drawbacks
  • Import Credit Schemes
  • Advice and assistance on AQIS
  • Advice and assistance on IFIP requirements, including import permits.

Make your Melbourne customs clearance process a breeze, at AusGlobe we are industry leaders in freight forwarding, transport, project management, customs clearance, warehousing and total chain-link logistics. With over 30 years’ experience and services in over 130 countries, you can count on AusGlobe. Contact us at or give us a call at 1300 336 570 for more information.

Melbourne Customs Clearance

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