End of financial year is a great time to take stock of the previous year and look at ways to save in the next. One way to economise across the next financial year is by considering taking advantage of all the Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s) on offer and look at your previous 5 years of freight logistics and shipments for possible refunds.

Here at AusGlobe® we frequently discover that importers have been paying duty on items imported into Australia which are actually entitled to Free Trade status. By consulting with a qualified customs broker prior to your shipment you can save on duty and taxes. AusGlobe’s experienced brokers can check whether your shipment is entitled to FTS (Free Trade Status), and negate duty charges by sourcing an approved FTA certificate we. AusGlobe can also audit your backdated sea and air freight shipments in order to claim reimbursements on overpaid duties and taxes.

Free Trade Agreements present an opportunity for exporters; recipients of Australian goods via sea or air freight could save up to one third of the purchase price in fees and taxes if the Australian exporter has acquired an approved Certificate of Origin (CoO). Savings like this could secure repeat business thereby increasing profits for your business. Find out more about Australia’s FTA’s and how they can help economise your sea and air freight shipping here.

Make the next financial year one to celebrate,
at AusGlobe we are industry leaders in freight forwarding, transport, project management, customs, warehousing and total chain-link logistics. With over 30 years experience and services in over 130 countries, you can count on AusGlobe. Contact us at sales@ausglobe.com.au or give us a call at 1300 336 570 for more information.

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