Here at AusGlobe, we understand the protection of transported goods is a top priority for many businesses and individuals alike. Whether it be freighting, forwarding or warehouse storage, we guarantee that your goods and our services are of top quality with a high level of security.

Logistics Security

At AusGlobe, numerous practices are in place to protect your goods in our warehouse. Our primary warehouse is strategically located within 5km of Brisbane airport and 2km from the port of Brisbane, ensuring your shipment is secured as quickly as possible.

These are just some of the security procedures we provide your shipment whilst in our warehouse:

  • Trained and certified operators
  • Air-cargo regulation compliance 
  • Up-to-code security system
  • 24-hour camera surveillance 
  • 24-hour access

As well as this, at AusGlobe Logistics Forwarding we manage our very own truck fleet in Queensland and Northern New South Wales, with a specialised security plan to keep things running smoothly. This includes:

  • Electronic POD
  • GPS tracking/monitoring 
  • Drivers trained in dangerous goods and load restraint 

With our fleet of trucks and warehousing, our friendly team can ensure quick and flexible turnaround times for pickup and delivery with the highest of safety. 

Freight Forwarding

At AusGlobe we specialise in 24/7 cargo consignments and can handle all matters of freight shipments to and from all corners of the globe. During these shipments, our top priority remains security, with our forwarding cargo facilities operating under “Regulated Agent” status to achieve this. This means that we:

  • can personally handle all cargo and security controls for your shipment
  • hold Dangerous Goods Security certifications,
  • hold Aviation Security certifications,
  • undergo ongoing training to ensure qualifications are up-to-date with changing regulations

Make your freight forwarding a breeze, at AusGlobe we are industry leaders in freight forwarding, transport, project management, customs clearance, warehousing and total chain-link logistics. With over 30 years of experience and services in over 130 countries, you can count on AusGlobe. Contact us at or give us a call at 1300 336 570 for more information.

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